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Free access to knowledge

Invisible Infrastructures: Understanding Autonomous Systems

he Internet in its essence is not what most people perceive when online. It is an abstract space which gives limitless opportunities, but basically it consists of hardware, millions of servers, ...
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Internet Crimes

by: Jasmina Tesanovic Recently I saw a movie on the life and death of Aaron Swartz, who is nowadays often called a martyr for the freedom of the Internet. People, nations and ...
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Collecting Data About Possible Web Censorship in Venezuela

by: Global Voices Advocacy Marianne Díaz, lawyer, digital activist and Global Voices Advocacy author, has been making constant appeals from her Twitter account asking users to ...
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EUP 2014

by: Peter Sunde People learn by copying other people. All the knowledge we have today, all the progress we’ve made, are based on this simple fact – we copy. For thousands of years ...
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