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Regulatory challenges of zero rating

Over the past few years, zero rating as a growing trend has become a popular business model for mobile service providers. Briefly, zero rating represents the practice of mobile service providers ...
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The Human Fabric of the Facebook Pyramid

n our previous research, we investigated different areas of the Facebook dispositif:[1] algorithmic and human labor, the digital infrastructure behind the social network, and the exploitation of ...
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Browsing Histories – Metadata Explorations

t was Friday morning. Mr. J woke up kind of late, in a bed in a rented apartment near People’s Park in Singapore. The pink sheets, beige walls, modest and minimalistic decoration in the flat made ...
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In Europe, internet died

by: oli Author: Domen Savič, an internet freedom activist from Slovenia See more at: Compared to the digital market in the US, the actors in ...
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Strategy for limiting online freedoms, innovation, and access to knowledge

When a popular Norwegian writer got suspended from Facebook in early September, on account of “child nudity”, the matter escalated into an international incident. Norway's largest printed ...
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