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Digital security

Metadata Investigation : Inside Hacking Team

nce online, our every movement, every click, sent or received email, our every activity produces a vast amount of invisible traces. These traces, once collected, put together and analysed, can reveal ...
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National crypto strategy draft of Slovenia: Blindfolded and going the wrong way

by: oli Author: Domen Savič, an Internet freedom activist from Slovenia. See more ...
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Hacking Team : The “Italian job” of Serbian security services

Database of leaked Hacking Team emails reveals details on negotiations for purchasing spy software At least one Serbian security service negotiated the purchase, while the Ministry of Defense ...
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Invisible Infrastructures : Surveillance Architecture

n April 2014, we collected about 2000 pages of documents and reports through the series of FOIA1 requests to the Commissioner2 related to the 2012 Report on the inspection procedure over the ...
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Invisible Infrastructures : Data Flow

n the previous story we explored the exciting life of our hero – one small Internet packet, but in order to create a wider picture of the data flow and map key locations and actors we conducted a ...
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Invisible Infrastructures : Online Trackers

There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even ...
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Invisible Infrastructures : Mobile permissions

Users, even advanced ones, often neglect the importance of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and other legal documents they are bound to by installing applications on their devices. On the other ...
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Invisible Infrastructures : The Exciting life of Internet Packet

efore we dive deeper into the exciting life of an Internet packet, we should make a short stop and try to understand some basic technical aspects of the Internet communication and infrastructure. The ...
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Personal data of more than 5 million citizens of Serbia unlawfully published

Personal data of 5 190 396 Serbian citizens and more than 4 000 financial documents were published on the website of Privatization Agency without authorisation. A text file containing personal ...
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